Respect all cars. Love your own.

A Welcome to Any Car Deemed Worthy

Every generation since the dawn of the wheel has experienced a unique attachment between human and machine. Since cavemen formed the first tools, machines have led humanity to glory and defeat in an ever-progressing universe of science and technology. It is this appreciation for what we build and master that creates this bond.

Vehicles used for transportation represent the second-largest investment that people make in their lives after their homes. With this in mind, it only makes sense to invest in making the vehicles we drive ours by building them with components that improve their performance, efficiency, and identity to fit our personal desires. With these customizations made to our machines, we build a bond with them. Enthusiasts choose to construct the fastest, most consistent, loudest, quietest, most unique, most technologically innovative, or most attractive automobiles in order to compete with others who have an equal interest in the vehicles that bring them from point A to point B. It is those who arrive in style that belong on this website.

Not every car is timeless. The ability to transcend time is a thing of classics. To be worthy, a car must be superior in style, representing a unique class, or dominating performance.

Timeless cars turn heads. Whether that means that the motor roars or the rims are tastefully chrome, it is necessary for a Timeless member to earn the respect of those who bear witness to an eye-catching ride. Too many tuners choose tasteless parts for their cars with poor installations. Timeless owners treat their cars better than the average tuner, and they provide their whips with the best parts available to earn a stellar reputation.

Timeless cars win races. When we show up at the track, we bring the best performance available presented in attractive packages. As a decentralized performance club, it is the responsibility of every Timeless racer to maintain the Timeless brand as one representing class unlike others at the strip and on the road. Timeless drivers bring the best they have to offer to the starting line so that they can always be first to the finish line.

Timeless cars are nothing short of classic. It is the goal of this club to include cars of deserving makes and models out of respect for the entire performance and cosmetic automotive industry. Cars that represent high society and cars that represent the best of mass production are welcome participants in this organization so long as they exceed expectations and earn a name for themselves. Cars with epic sound, legendary performance, and unique image constitute the core of Timeless. In the ever-changing automotive market, only the eternal machines that represent the best can hope to represent Timeless.

We are Timeless. We represent the best of all classes of competition and autosport; of production and design; of the world's epic street machines. Not every car is worthy because not every car is truly Timeless.

The hourglass logo is a registered trademark of Timeless. Any unauthorized use of the hourglass logo will result in prosecution.