Sites Besides This One

This page reviews online communities where Timeless members have visited. Timeless officially endorses sites in bold and italics because those sites have proven to be both respectable communities, as well as communities with a plethora of information regarding the automotive topics on those sites.

These sites do not pay to be posted here. These are independent site recommendations.

This is perhaps the best car community on the net. Members' rides include a wide variety of makes, but the general trend is that it is a strongly pro-GM site. Expect a good time, quick answers, and wide-ranging car knowledge on this site.
Challenger Forums
This site features a large quantity of information on the Dodge Challenger. Centralized around the revived classic, this forum features a community that backs Chrysler products with respect for members of other pony car communities.
Not many sites can boast to provide so much information, but the site's lacking leadership has compelled many quality users to leave. The Cobalt SS community has a plethora of information regarding Cobalts and some competing cars in the economy class, but the site is rampant with rumors and immature members.
Like the forum, the information is wide-ranging and superior. On the same token, many of the users are younger and less experienced in automotive performance. The community seems to have a notable bias against large-displacement engines.
Not many people own high-end exotics, so it is difficult for any site to be called the definitive site for a particular brand, but Lambo-Talk is hands-down the site for discussions of various Lamborghini platforms.
This site is very informative. While no current members claim to be members of LS1tech, the site has a good reputation for providing quality information on cars using GM's LS-series V8 engines. On the other hand, the age of the site has made it difficult to navigate. It is sometimes difficult to search for the information on the site.
This is a leading North American Subaru forum. Focusing around the Impreza, and primarily the WRX and STi models, this forum provides a great deal of quality information on the
Solstice Forum
This site is a great resource for GM's Kappa platform cars, the Sky and Solstice. The forum is generally friendly and eager to answer questions.