Your dealer is an idiot. Try some of these.

Timeless endorses the brands on this page. We respect their products because those products are produced and distributed by car enthusiasts who strive to build the best for their consumers.

DSV Customs
DSV Customs works hard to build custom interior and exterior components. Their products range from bolt-on kits to leather-wrapped customization. Check out what they offer for your ride.Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
Internationally respected performance experts at Lingenfelter work to bring the best products available to sporty domestics with strong experience in the field of forced induction and extreme performance.

The suspension experts at Pedders specialize in producing the sportiest available products between your wheels and the road. With their kits, your car will drive like a high-end exotic: low and smooth.


Domestic car experts at SLP routinely produce performance parts for domestics that already have an attitude. Their parts are already widely popular, and that is due to their workmanship and results.