Our Rules

Every legitimate organization has rules. Our rules are designed to bring class and excitement to racing without endangering civilians. We encourage other organizations to adopt the same policies. Motor racing is not a game. It is a dangerous and expensive hobby and oftentimes a lifestyle. Drive safely.

Rules of Engagement

1 Race at the track.

We are not reckless drivers. While our cars are top performers, we have enough class to back away from bad decisions. We race at the track and respect the rules of the road at least some of the time.

2 Respect other drivers.

We do not talk trash on other drivers or their rides. They invest their time and energy into their machines as we do, and they deserve the same respect that we give one another.

3 Win with class.

We win races and competitions without excessive celebration. If possible, we shake the hand of our opponent and congratulate them on building such great cars. If our opponents were not so inferior, we would not look so good. Go into a race expecting to win. Leave commanding the respect of all observers.

4 Lose with class.

Do not make excuses. Shake the hand of your opponent, congratulate your opponent on a good win, and leave with your dignity. We do not like to lose, so it is important to keep opponents within the realm of reason to stay ahead of the competition.

5 Use only the best components.

Do your research when installing parts. Learn about it before you put it on your car. Don't waste your money on worthless, meaningless parts. If they do not make your car better, then they are not worth your money.

6 Drive safely.

Do not drink and drive. Do not smoke and drive. Do not eat and drive. If you are willing to endanger your car, then your car is not worth enough to you for you to belong here.

7 Clean your ride.

Timeless cars turn heads because they impress others. They must be clean and presentable at all times. This includes the interior, the exterior, the engine bay, and any cargo space.

8 Repair your ride.

When your vehicle sustains damage, repair it in due time. Timeless cars must remain in show condition at all times. If you cannot present your car in its current condition, then fix it. Always maintain a budget for repairs in case of an accident.

9 Name your ride.

Your vehicle must have a respectable name.

10 Participate in the community.

To be a member of a community, one must be a participant in that community. Your car is not a Timeless member unless you are a Timeless member.