I waited for a while to post something new about the industry since world markets have experienced the greatest turmoil since the Great Depression. Now that both companies have exited bankruptcy, cleansed of extraordinary debt obligations, we can expect some great future products to hit the American market.

From GM, rumors persist about the possibility of a Z28. GM has all but officially acknowledged the product's release sometime after the Q1 2011 release of the convertible Camaro. These same rumors suggest that the Z28 could feature the LSA out of the CTS-V, packing over 550 ponies. Additionally, GM is rumored to be working on an alternative to Ford's EcoBoost setup. For those unfamiliar with the term, EcoBoost is featured in the new Ford Taurus, which packs a turbocharged V6 that puts up aggressive V8 numbers. For those who claim that muscle cars only have V8s, this is proof to the contrary.

Ford continues to improve its lineup by finally releasing a V6 that can compete with the LLT that GM has featured in its CTS. A new V6 could be trouble for the Camaro LS and LT because the weight advantage of the Mustang would put it ahead on the track.

Chrysler, now a brand owned by Fiat, will be merging platforms with its new owner. With the new ownership, we can finally expect a new look for all of those matching interiors. Today, anyone thrown into a 300, Charger, or Challenger could barely tell the difference. With any hope, the new combined engineering of Fiat-owned Ferrari and Chrysler will lead to some great advances in US performance competition.


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