Driving on the German autobahn is a dream for many automotive enthusiasts. The idea of boundless performance is a foreign concept to American racers who crave performance limited by the physics of their street machines.

On the same token, German drivers have more rigorously enforced laws on the highway. So many American drivers lazily pass on the left and stay there to be passed on the right or do not properly use their blinkers. German drivers tend to be much safer on the roads.

German-blooded people are not naturally better drivers. It is the enforcement that makes the drivers behave this way. What the US needs to do is change the structure of highway driving to allow people to drive 100 mph by encouraging police officers to pull over less speeding drivers and pull over more diverse offenses, including those who pass on the right, those who are not passing on the left, and those who fail to use their blinkers. US license testing requires tough enough standards that many high school students take a course on driving and study for tests that contribute their high school grades. Why not enforce the rules that every 16-year-old is supposed to follow?



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    The_Blur graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. As a result, Timeless recognizes the importance of public policy and government when it comes to the automotive industry. Timeless sides with the automotive industry when it comes to legislation that limits the industry's ability to produce quality products that are safe and perform competitively.


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