Trying times have worn down Chrysler's previously stable market position. Originally popular cars simply do not sell in this market. Very few cars at all are selling, and automotive enthusiasts can only hope that buyers come back to the market so that our favorite machines no longer face the chopping block.

There really is not much to say on this topic that has not been said already. Most Americans polled would hesitate to buy from a bankrupt company simply because the stigma attached to such a company is not a good one. The government has agreed to back all Chrysler warranties.

Fiat has agreed to take a 20% stake with milestone achievements that will earn Fiat up to 35% in 5% increments. This is an exciting move in the automotive industry. Chrysler has been actively seeking partners in the past, and it appears that partnership will come from Fiat.

Chrysler hopes to come out of bankruptcy quickly. Hopefully, the newly reorganized Chrysler will continue to make some of the great vehicles that we know today with the addition of new technology and styling.



    The_Blur graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. As a result, Timeless recognizes the importance of public policy and government when it comes to the automotive industry. Timeless sides with the automotive industry when it comes to legislation that limits the industry's ability to produce quality products that are safe and perform competitively.


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